I believe the phrase ‘Photography lasts a lifetime’ is false. Photography is timeless. Long beyond my lifetime I hope future generations are using my photographs to share the stories. To feel the emotions and transport themselves to a different time. So how do you choose someone to capture images of your story, your memories, your life?

1. Choose with your heart
As with many decisions we need to be sensible and take our time to do our research and weigh things up. There is no denying that photography is an investment and your budget will come into consideration. However, I think the most important factor is making your heart swell with happiness. You’re investment is in photographs you want to view everyday as you enjoy your home. If you don’t choose a photographer with your heart you may well end up with photographs that live on your computer.

2. Focus on quality
A good photographer should have a wide range of photographs in their portfolio to showcase their style. Be sure to ask to view more images and not just their favourite choices on their websites and social media so you can check for consistent quality.

3. Customer service and experience
You can usually tell quite quickly if you are going to make a connection with your photographer. If you feel uncomfortable around your photographer for whatever reason this can lead to awkward photographs. Be sure to choose someone who helps you relax and makes your experience enjoyable.

The personality of your photographer plays a huge role in the interactions and overall feel of your photographs. Their style for how to bring out the best in you will determine if you have traditional posed photographs, relaxed lifestyle photographs or something in between.

4. Value for money
It can be tempting to choose your photographer based on the best deal. But what is the best deal? Is it better to purchase every digital file, choose a limited favourite or invest in prints?

A photographer should be clear about their pricing structure. From there you can discuss what options best fit your needs.

Always remember to ask about any hidden extras. Some photographers charge extra for specific editing, VAT and even travel expenses.

5. Type of shoot
Choose your photographer based on their speciality. Are you looking for traditional posing, relaxed lifestyle, fly-on-the-wall documentary? Do you want to travel to an outdoor location, studio or have your photographer come to your home? Most photographers pick a style of photography that best fits their style. Some cover all areas, some only shoot studio sessions, some only on location.

I believe capturing beautiful photos should be part of an unforgettable experience that is fun. I love creating lasting memories through a mixture of traditional and lifestyle photography.

Good luck in your search for a photographer. Please feel free to browse my portfolio or message me for a chat to see if you would like to work with me.

Email- pauline@paulinesavagephotography.co.uk